Make your numbers count for more

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Make your numbers count for more

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Foreword by Ian Sheekey

Thank you for taking the time to read this book, as you will discover it made quite an impression on me when I read it.

I have known the author, Steve Pipe, for many years. He has always been so enthusiastic about business, and the accountancy profession in particular. He certainly dispels any myths about accountants being dull and boring!

As you read this book you’ll discover how, with a very small amount of effort, you can make your own company a Business for Good, you only need to follow a few simple steps.

When I was setting up my own practice, I dedicated a great deal of time establishing the passion and purpose of my business, defining all that it stood for. To put it simply, I wanted to serve my clients by providing support, guidance and full range of services to deal with all aspects of their accounting and tax needs, so that they could concentrate on running and growing their business to its full potential.

It was at this time I first read ‘Our time to RISE’. I quickly realised that the themes and ideas completely resonated with me and the core values of my business. I could see how we could make even more of a difference beyond the spreadsheet.

IS Accountancy’s mission is to help our clients navigate their numbers to achieve their goals in business and life.

Relationships are so important. It’s about seeing, valuing and understanding the other party, both within our human relationships and our relationship with nature. Through IS Accountancy, we strive to build strong, lasting relationships that positively impact our clients life and their business, our team’s life and work, and the lives of those we may never meet. Life is for living and trailing blazing our own unique path, and in order to do that successfully, we each need to feel supported, and safe in our numbers, confident in the knowledge that we can provide for our needs and our loved ones, now and in the future.

Peace of mind.



Our commitment to making a difference, to your life and the life of others, is as important to us as numbers. In just a short period of time we are already making our numbers count for even more with the help of B1G1. For every good thing that happens within our business, we pay it forward by regularly contributing to high impact projects around the world to help provide fundamentals like clean water, food, shelter and education and more!

You’ll find out more about B1G1 as you take the steps towards making your business a Business for Good. It has become a key part of our team building and day to day processes. By doing what we normally do together to maintain our clients’ accounts, navigate their numbers and grow their business, both our team and clients are automatically helping others in amazing ways!

I encourage you to read this book and take action. This book will guide you on your unique path to a Business for Good. By making an impact, you can help create a better world for all.

You are very welcome to contact me if there is anything you’d like to ask me about B1G1 and how it could fit with your business – I’d be happy to help you along on your journey.

Ian Sheekey

BFP FCA Director

Chartered Accountant & Business Advisor