Louisa Nicol


Company Secretarial and internal admin, DIY and maintenance

t: 01722 548323

e: louisa@isaccountancy.co.uk

About Louisa

Louisa goes above and beyond. She is always willing to learn new things and be at hand ready to help. She can expertly turn her skills to tackle the challenge at hand, including DIY, building furniture and more… she constantly flexes to accommodate what the business needs, while remaining supportive of the team around her.

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Louisa in numbers:

Put 2 and 2 together

I’ve always loved learning with numbers, and how it makes me challenge myself, stemming in part from being a bit number blind whilst growing up, but also I love piecing things together, like assembling a challenging puzzle, making sense of all the different pieces of information to make a cohesive whole.

The balance between work and life can be a tricky one, I struggled to find a career that worked around childcare until I joined IS Accountancy. This brought together the different pieces from my own background in administration and bankage officer as well as family life — we ‘walk the talk’ which is so important for our clients to see and experience for themselves.

3 things I love most about being an Administrator:

  1. I enjoy communication, whether with clients; so that I can learn more about them each time, or with staff.
  2. Anything data related, so checking accounts is my new favourite task!
  3. Balance.

My no.1 piece of inspirational advice about work/life:

‘Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations’

When I’m out-of-office I’d most like to be lead by the A36...

…to The New Forest, Lymington way.

I usually head to Bolderwood Deer Sanctuary and take a walk through and around that destination. I absolutely love forest walks especially in the spring or autumn. The main road that leads here for me is A36.

My most favourite destination I’ve travelled to so far: 21.5218° N, 77.7812° W

Cuba – despite only travelling there once, Cuba is my favourite destination. The fascinating colourful architecture, beautiful classical American cars, the warm and brightly dressed Cubans and the flavours (their delicious Havana Rum is a firm favourite).

4 is the perfect even number for me!

2 is one against one, 3 is two against one, but 4 can be as a whole team of 4 or you could split into two groups of two…not one is alone!

The B1G1 cause I’m most passionate about us making a difference within...

is providing community support for older people.

This cause is for elderly in the UK, it’s a project I think highly of especially after the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, we all have an idea how loneliness can feel now and how isolating it can be, yet the elderly go through this daily.

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