About our corporate partnership with
the Army Flying Museum

Adoption of the Army Flying Museum's Horsa Glider

one of the best examples of British Army flying aircraft ‘navigation by numbers’ ever!

I’m delighted to announce that we’re continuing IS Accountancy’s corporate partnership with the Army Flying Museum, and adoption of the museum’s Horsa Glider – one of the best examples of British Army flying aircraft ‘navigation by numbers’ ever!

The Army Flying Museum, located at Middle Wallop in Hampshire, ‘is the only the museum in the world that tells the extraordinary stories of courage and innovation charting over 100 years of the British Army. The museum displays a collection of 35 fixed wing and rotary aircraft as well as historical artefacts, oral histories and interactives to help visitors get up close and personal with the innovators of Army aviation history up to the modern day.’

I’ve shared a passion for aircraft (and flying!) from an early age, so this creates a perfect partnership in many ways. A pilot’s dashboard houses important navigational tools and vital data to understand how the aircraft is working, what needs adjustment and alerts when maintenance is required. We take a similar analytical, holistic approach to accountancy, helping our clients precisely navigate their numbers to achieve their goals in business and life.

The D-Day glider pilots used a combination of map navigation skills, Gyrocompass (non-magnetic), stopwatch, gut feeling and a hand light, to guide them down in the dark within the calculated landing zones. “It was one of the most outstanding flying achievements of the war” – Air Chief Marshal Sir Trafford Leigh-Mallory, RAF.

Many of our clients have military backgrounds, bringing their courageous, positive, can-do attitude to set up and run their own successful businesses as they transition into and shape the civilian life they want to achieve. As a local Chartered Accountancy and Business Advisory firm, we’re here to support and guide our clients along their journey. From set up, growth and exiting, helping our clients adapt and navigate different business decisions and challenges, to ultimately see them thrive and provide for their own and their loved ones needs, now and in the future.

As a corporate member, we’re proud to be helping the Army Flying Museum to protect the important legacy of the Horsa Glider for generations to come and share a deep connection with the museum and it’s community.

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Many thanks to The Army Flying Museum for sharing these photos with us. Photos © Army Flying Museum